Education takes on a broad meaning within Cedar Valley Catholic Schools. We hold fast to our mission of proclaiming the person and message of Jesus Christ in worship, in the local and world community, and through service. We do this within a unified system of Catholic education, from Pre-K through high school, that develops lifelong faith formation and an embedded yearning to learn. Our curriculum is approved by the Archdiocese of Dubuque. Our schools are certified by the State of Iowa and are staffed by faculty who are also accredited by the State of Iowa.

As you weigh the various educational settings and opportunities for your children, we believe CVCS should be at the top of your list. As you learn more about us, you’ll come to know why we’re the first choice of families who believe that faith, discipline, knowledge, and service are the foundation of the best possible learning environment.

Choosing the best education for your child is one of the biggest decisions a family will make.

If you are like many families, you want your child to be able to learn in a safe, secure environment. You want your child surrounded by people—teachers, staff, and other families—who will have a positive influence and teach lessons about life, faith, belief, and moral values, not only academic subjects.


At Cedar Valley Catholic Schools, we do a great job teaching things like reading, writing, science, and math. But we also spend our time educating the whole child, in mind, heart, and spirit. Our three schools, as well as our early childhood center, are caring communities where children get one-on-one attention and a strong sense of right and wrong. 


Catholic school isn’t free, but there are many families who understand that a child’s education is worth the investment and expense, especially when you consider what families get in return. We develop a sense of faith, an ability to focus, and an expectation of achievement—all important aspects of success in school and life.


Our CVCS system provides many things that other schools don’t or can’t. We invite you to take some time to see what we believe is important.

We look forward to meeting you, welcoming you, and introducing you to the faith, focus, and achievement that Cedar Valley Catholic Schools offer.

A Foundation Based in Faith, A Future Focused on Success.

"For God and Community, to Lead and to Serve."

Our Mission
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To provide an exceptional Catholic education for every student, built on a foundation of faith, discipline, knowledge and service.

Our Motto

"For God and Community, to Lead and to Serve."