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$25 Each or 5 for $100

Purchase your Benchwarmer Raffle tickets today using the above form!  Tickets can also be purchased by visiting Columbus Catholic High School during our summer office hours (Monday-Thursday 8am-2pm) or contacting Sarah Smith at  Purchasers will be contacted directly to arrange delivery of the raffle tickets. 


Thank you for participating!  Good luck!!


(1) You do not need to be present to win. (2) All buyers must be at least 21 years of age. (3) A receipt will not be sent as this is a game of chance and not tax deductible. (4) Federal Law prohibits the use of credit cards for raffle purchases. (5) The prize is subject to withholding taxes, and the winner will need to claim on their taxes.

  • Each week during the 18 week NFL football season, you are assigned 3 random teams.

  • Determination of raffle winners each week is based on the 3 teams' total scores that week. Example: If you have the numbers for the Bears, Packers, and Dolphins and the Bears score 45, Packers score 21, and Dolphins score 28-your total would be 94.

  • If this total is very high or very low you could be eligible for one of the weekly prizes.

  • Teams not playing in a given week will be assigned the previous week's score.

  • The winning numbers are computer calculated and the winners will be posted weekly on

  • Winners will automatically be mailed their prize money.


Sarah Smith

Advancement Director



How it works...