Blessed Sacrament School, as part of Cedar Valley Catholic Schools, is committed to preparing our students for today's society and tomorrow's global community.


Our academic programs, taught by dedicated and exceptional staff, prepare our students for their next level of education; sparking their creativity and ingenuity through interactive, hands-on learning opportunities. Our curriculum is approved by the Archdiocese of Dubuque. Our schools are certified by the State of Iowa and are staffed by faculty who are also accredited by the State of Iowa.


Our students gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in life, with a strong faith foundation to guide them.


Core values are integrated into all aspects of the school at Blessed Sacrament.


Faith Formation: Our strong Catholic Christian beliefs are central to who we are, what we do, and how we do it.  A Christ-centered environment models life skills.  This is enhanced in liturgies and prayer services.  We accept the continuous call to conversion to live like Christ.


Quality: Top-notch educational programs are highly valued and continually sought.  A sense of pride, integrity, and competence is evident.  It is characterized by recognition of our students, staff, alumni, and parish members.


Service: Blessed Sacrament School values a sense of community through service learning.  Caring, kindness, and respectfulness are demonstrated through student involvement and respect for individuals and self.  We teach as Jesus did, through serving others.


Diversity: Diversity is respected and valued within our community.  Blessed Sacrament School continues to grow toward all levels of diversity, which can be defined as recognizing and meeting the needs of all persons, equally.  (Learner abilities, physically challenged, age, ethnic and cultural diversity as well as Catholic and non-Catholic students.)


K-12 Lau Plan for Serving English Learners (ELs)


Creativity:  Blessed Sacrament School values and encourages creativity and innovation.  New ways of seeing things and using open-mindedness to achieve goals is highly sought.

Responsibility: A sense of responsibility is demonstrated by all learners.  They are models of accountability, morality and ethical conduct, who recognize the dignity of all persons.  Honesty and trust are important virtues.


Informed Citizenship: Blessed Sacrament School desires learners to be informed citizens.  Informed citizens make wise choices and decisions.  Many social justice issues require us to be knowledgeable citizens as our civic right and responsibility.


Blessed Sacrament is home to FIVE Gold Star Teachers!

Parent's Guide to the
Iowa Core