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October 2020


Patrick Steele & Cyprian Hasselbrook


Marcella Carda & Awbree Mast


Stephanie Boyer & Ryleigh Frush


Carter Lockert & Alyssa Feldmann

Recognizing Student Excellence.

This award is given to those students who best exemplify the characteristics that make up the Columbus Catholic High School Honor Code:

  • Christ-like. Humble, gentle, sincere, uncompromising in faith, courageous in good example, fervent in religious devotion and prayerful.

  • Obedient. Models the spirit of obedience to God, to the Church and to those in authority.

  • Leadership. Provides Christian leadership and influence upon fellow students. Judgement, well founded, respected and accepted. Cooperation and responsibility proved by carrying out projects, duties and assigned tasks.

  • Unselfish. Charitable to faculty, staff, fellow students and visitors, by being courteous, considerate, helpful, cooperative and willing to sacrifice for others.

  • Mannerly. Models the poise and manners of a Christian citizen by behavior in and outside of the classroom, as well as their positive participation in all school activities.

  • Beneficial. Helps maintain the beauty of Columbus Catholic High School and the community by respecting all property and taking pride in both the school and community.

  • UprightTruthful in works, honest in deeds, industrious in work, a sense of values in life. Loyal to school, church and community.

  • StudiousPursues the vocation of being a student with a zeal for knowledge, and a commitment to doing the very best in the classroom at all times.

Sailors of the Month



12th: Carmen Ortiz & Haylee Thurmond

11th: Katelyn Blair & Molly Fereday

10th:  Sophia Fain & Sydney Gardner

9th: Jacob Picken & Gina Pranger