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At Columbus Catholic High School, we strive to define excellence as we prepare students for success in college, careers, and life. These areas of excellence can be summarized in four words:


Faith, Discipline, Knowledge, and Service.


Theology classes challenge the heart and mind, and all-school Masses are held regularly. We hold programs and retreats for our students during the school year, to encourage them to embrace their faith and develop spiritually. Our campus 

chapel is always available for quiet prayer and reflection.



Instruction occurs in a disciplined environment of accountability, fairness and sincerity. Valuable life skills, such as critical thinking, communicating clearly and problem solving, are nurtured through a variety of teaching approaches, clear expectations and practical applications. We encourage character and excellence in everything our students do, whether it's academic, arts or athletics. 



With a student teacher ratio of 16:1, and a comprehensive curriculum of AP and accelerated courses, we prepare our students for an ever-changing world. Our Robotics and STEM courses encourage hands-on, practical applications. Seniors can take up to 20 credit hours through Hawkeye Community College, with the potential to graduate with nearly a year's worth of college education. 



We expect our students to be good stewards in our community, and offer many opportunities to perform service work in a variety of settings. Every year, Columbus Catholic High School holds the Thanksgiving Food Drive to benefit St. Vincent de Paul's food pantry. Proceeds from this past year were in excess of $31,000, shattering the record!


These are the pillars of a Columbus education, and what makes us different. A Catholic education that fosters the values of  human dignity, responsibility, the importance of family, informed citizenship and moral decision making.


We welcome you to give us a call if you'd like to take a tour and experience the Columbus Difference for yourself.