Disciple of Christ Award


What is it?

The Cedar Valley Catholic Schools Disciple of Christ Award recognizes a teacher or staff member that:

  • Is a witness of Christ to the students and families of Cedar Valley Catholic Schools

  • Treat all they have-both talents and possessions-as blessings to be shared with others

  • Build the kingdom of God through their example of joyful generosity, sacrifice and/or evangelization

  • Consistently demonstrates Catholic virtues by word & example

  • Helps to advance the mission of Cedar Valley Catholic Schools by being a positive role model of faith, discipline, knowledge, and service to their peers, students and families of CVCS.

Each month, the Disciple of Christ award will be given to one or more CVCS staff members (teacher, coach, administrator, support staff). A total of 12 awards will be given each year to represent the 12 Apostles of Jesus.  

Previous Winners:

December 2018: Susie Schaefer 

Susie is the On-site Director of Early Childhood at St. Edward Elementary School. She shares her gifts and talents with her students and colleagues every day and is always willing to share words of encouragement or to offer her prayers to anyone who needs it. Thank you, Susie, for being an excellent example of discipleship in our community!​

January 2019: Pat Wiss

Pat started working at Columbus Catholic High School in 1983 and has been an example of Christ for our students every day since. Her nominator for this award shared that, "She is always helping to find positives, or the opportunity for positives, in any situation. She works to guide young adults to live a Catholic lifestyle". 

Jane Whitehead

Jane Whitehead, teachers 6th graders at Blessed Maria Assunta Pallotta Middle School. According to her nominator, "Jane seeks out ways to help various students who need a little extra attention rather than waiting for them to ask for help". What a great example of discipleship!

Judy Bullis

Judy is the Administrative Assistant for Blessed Maria and if you have been to BMAP, you have definitely been greeted with a smile by Judy. Her nominator says of her, "she models humility, never seeking acknowledgment for the many tasks that are quietly accomplished behind the scenes". Congratulations, Judy Bullis!

Blair Thielen

Mrs. Blair Thielen is a new face at Columbus this year, but will be familiar to many Columbus Catholic High School alumni. Blair teaches Spanish at Columbus and Blessed Maria Assunta Pallotta. Blair demonstrates faith daily through selfless acts and never has ulterior motives by only to be a blessing". Congratulations, Blair Thielen!

Jeff Krieg

Mr. Jeff Krieg has been a staple of CVCS for many years. He teaches eighth grade at Blessed Maria Assunta Pallotta and is a blessing to his students. "Jeff is present-present for students in the classroom, present for extra-curricular activities, present for our students whatever they may need". Congratulations, Jeff Krieg!

Christine Ferrie

Christine is an 8th-grade language arts teacher at Blessed Maria Assunta Pallotta Middle School. Mrs. Ferrie demonstrates sacrifice and generosity by freely giving her time through hard work. She shares her faith in a number of ways through participation in Mass and daily interactions with students. She makes personal connections with students and teaches in a way that is respectful toward all students.