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MEAL PRICES 2020-2021

                                 1 day         
Breakfast Prices:
Grades Pre-k-5       $2.30*         
Grades 6-12            $2.65*       
Reduced                  $0.30*           Approved application on file
Adult/Visitor           $3.25*    
2nd Breakfasts       $2.65*     

Lunch Prices:
Grades Pre-k-5       $3.00*   
Grades 6-12            $3.25*   
Reduced                  $0.40*           Approved application on file
Adult/visitor            $4.00*  
2nd lunches            $3.30*    
Extra milk                $0.60*    


*the prices shown are for one student, adult or guest.

Grades 6-12 are allowed seconds/A la carte, only if students have funds available in their account.

Current A la carte prices are:
Second Entrée        $1.75    

Chips                        $0.75
Extra Fruit               $0.50     

Extra Dessert          $0.75
Extra juice               $0.50

Baked Fries             $0.75

How to apply for Free & Reduced Meals

A free/reduced lunch application can be completed at

Free & Reduced Meal FAQ's

What is a Reimbursable Meal?

To set up or add money to student lunch accounts, go to EZSchoolPay.

If your child has a food allergy, please complete and return the
Diet Modification Request Form.

Food Service Information Form

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Cedar Valley Catholic Schools Wellness Policy

We hold the distinction of being the first Catholic school system in the United States to become Blue Zone certified. Our wellness policy reflects our commitment to building healthy lifestyles.


Cedar Valley Catholic Schools promote healthy students by supporting wellness, quality nutrition, and regular physical activity as a part of the total learning environment. The entire school environment, not just the classroom, shall be aligned to positively influence a student’s understanding, beliefs, and habits as they relate to good nutrition and regular physical activity.


All foods available on school grounds and at school-sponsored activities during the instructional day should meet or exceed the school district nutrition standards. Foods should be served with consideration toward nutritional integrity, variety, appeal, taste, safety, and packaging to ensure high-quality meals.

Cedar Valley Catholic Schools will make every effort to eliminate any social stigma attached to, and prevent the identification of, students who are eligible for Free & Reduced priced meals, by utilizing electronic identification and payment systems.

Cedar Valley Catholic Schools will help develop a local wellness policy committee made up of members of the board, parents, food service personnel, physical education professionals, and employees. Meeting times will be announced to the public and all will be welcome to attend. This committee will develop a plan to implement the wellness policy and monitor its effectiveness. The committee will designate an individual to monitor implementation and will report annually to the board regarding its effectiveness.

Full CVCS Wellness Policy