Congratulations to our 2019
CVCS Hall of Fame Inductees:
Roger & Evelyn Craig
Recognize, Honor, Preserve

The intent and purpose of the Cedar Valley Catholic Schools Hall of Fame is to recognize, honor and preserve the memory of the alumni and supporters who performed meritorious service for their positive and selfless contributions on behalf of the school community.


Staying true to the mission of Cedar Valley Catholic Schools, these individuals leave a legacy of faith, discipline, knowledge, and service. Those who are selected for induction into the Cedar Valley Catholic Schools Hall of Fame are the best of the best, those who leave an indelible mark on the future of Catholic education in the Cedar Valley.



Supports and advocates for Catholic education. Encourages students to attend Cedar Valley Catholic Schools. Supports their own children to attend CVCS.

Demonstrates citizenship within our faith community through financial support of Cedar Valley Catholic Schools. Participates in fundraising efforts. Assists in building relationships with future supporters of CVCS.

Shares talents and knowledge in leadership roles for Cedar Valley Catholic Schools. Serves on boards and committees.  Initiates new programs or events.

Supports CVCS through volunteer opportunities in the classroom, at special events, as a committee member, etc.

To submit a nomination for the Hall of Fame:


1. Complete the form below - click here if on a mobile device to access the form online.

2. Print, fill out, and mail nomination form to:

Cedar Valley Catholic Schools
Advancement Office
3231 W. 9th St.
Waterloo, IA 50702

Please complete the contact information and provide supportive information within the categories that the nominee(s) have made contributions to Cedar Valley Catholic Schools.

Keep an eye out for the 2020 nomination form at the beginning of 2020!



W. Louis & Gertrude Beecher

Don & Mary Ann Bergan

Msgr. Russell Bleich

Bill Bolster

Willie & Marcella Breuer

Rev. Donald Bruggeman

Msgr. Walter Brunkan

Roger & Evelyn Craig

Tunis Den Hartog

Martin & Geraldine Deviney

Dr. & Mrs. Irwin Frost

Ed & Cathy Gallagher

Very Rev. Patrick Geary

Rev. Kenneth Gehling

Joe Hall

Wilma Hildman Gilbert

Sr. Cathy Katoski, O.S.F.

Edward T. Kelley

Frank & Joan Kneeland

John Kneeland

Roger Kueter

Bob & Geraldine Leahy

Thomas A. Lind

B.J. Lind

Rev. A.A. McAvoy

John & Margaret McCoy

William F. & Gloria McIntee

T.J. McLaughlin

Bob & Mary Ellen Molinaro

Larry Nemmers

LaVerne & Marcella Nicol

Joe & Gladys Oppold

Robert & Patricia Oppold

Rev. Paul Peters

Dick Powers

Michael J. Reidy

LeRoy "Tiny" Russell

Irv Schmit

Rev. Phillip Schmitt

Gene Schneider

George & Mary Cay Scully

Fran Seaton

Marjorie & Mertie Shimp

Very Rev. Ralph Simington

Msgr. Paul Steimel

Anne Sulentic

Wallace Sulentic

Dr. Tom Thornton

Claude & Jeanette Underwood

Robert B. Wilson

Shirley Wilson

James H. Yagla


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