PowerSchool is an online portal for storing and tracking student information, such as grades, attendance and demographic data, in real time. When an instructor or parent updates student information in PowerSchool, that information is immediately available to the school, central office, parents and students anywhere and anytime an Internet connection is available.
PowerSchool is available for parents of all our students in grades K-12. You can access PowerSchool in the bottom footer of our web site, by clicking on the PowerSchool button.

How We Use PowerSchool

  1. eRegistration: As part of registration before each school year begins, we request that all parents create an account or update an existing account with current student data.

  2. Grades and Reporting: At the end of each semester (or trimester at the middle school), we distribute student report cards electronically. Instructors, parents and students can also check in on grades, attendance and student information anytime throughout the year.

  3. School Notifications: In the event of a weather closing or emergency, notifications can be sent to parents through Power Announcement via landline or cell phone, email, and text message using the information you provide in PowerSchool. Please remember to update your PowerSchool account if your contact information changes.

Guide to Setting Up a PowerSchool Account