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July 9, 2020


Dear CVCS Families,


As we plan to welcome our staff and students back this fall, we are working to plan for every outcome.  It is our goal to be together on-site for our first day of school on Thursday, August 20 and remain on-site as long as conditions allow.  An updated 2020-2021 academic calendar is available at The health and safety of our students and staff will remain a top priority for Cedar Valley Catholic Schools. 


The CVCS Return-to-Learn plans have been submitted to the Iowa Department of Education and are posted on our website at  As local and state guidance continue to evolve regarding COVID-19 and best practices, we will continue our efforts to finalize the details of our plans for the fall.  Due to this ever-changing environment, we may not be able to answer all of your questions today about how we will reopen on August 20th.  We will however communicate updates to you on a consistent basis. 



As part of the Return to Learn Plan, Cedar Valley Catholic Schools has outlined methods for educating students, staff and the community on health and safety procedures.  We have also put together plans for providing personal protective equipment as needed.  A separate plan is being developed based on reopening guidance that we receive from the Center for Disease Control, American Academy of Pediatrics, and Black Hawk County Health Department.  We will accommodate social distancing to the best of our ability in classrooms throughout the system.  Extensive measures will be taken to reduce the spread of infectious disease.  Measures being reviewed include strict wellness screenings for students and staff, heightened cleaning measures, handwashing expectations, adjustments to recess, lunch and passing periods, procedures for the nurses’ office, and transportation.  We understand that the measures that we implement in this area are of great importance to our staff, students and families.  You can expect to learn more about the specific health and safety measures, including plans for the use of personal protective equipment in the coming weeks.




Cedar Valley Catholic Schools continues to review the technology and resources available to our students and staff.  Additional computers, iPads, swivel cameras and other applications and devices are being purchased to better support digital learning.




Cedar Valley Catholic Schools has prepared two education delivery models for use this fall.  Further guidance will be provided in the coming weeks for how and when schools will transition from one model to another.


Hybrid Learning Model

This model is a combination of digital and on-site learning and will be available for the 2020-2021 school year.  Parents will be required to communicate at the beginning of each month when their child(ren) will be in attendance or learning from home (with the exception of sick days).  The on-site learning will look similar to the classroom instruction our families and students are accustomed to.  Students that participate in the digital classroom option will follow a regular schedule for a school day.  This model will vary by age group but students that choose to learn from home will be assigned to groups and teachers within their class(es) and will follow a regular schedule.  Instruction and support will be provided through livestream, Google Classroom, Zoom or recorded lessons.  With the hybrid learning model, all students are required to participate, attendance is taken, work is graded, and credit is granted. 


Required Continuous Learning

As we experienced this spring, circumstances may arise that require all students to participate in digital learning from home.  It is our prayer that we do not have to utilize this mode of learning in the fall, but in the event that we do, we will be prepared.  We are establishing a digital learning plan that will take into account best practices, feedback from the spring, etc.  This model will vary by age group and more information will be provided in August.  With the required learning model, all students are required to participate, attendance is taken, work is graded, and credit is granted.  


We understand that this is a great deal of information to take in and will create additional questions.  We appreciate your patience and support as we work to establish the best plan for our staff and students during the ever changing health environment. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. 




CVCS Administrative Team



In the event that individual campuses or system wide off-site learning is required, CVCS is prepared to provide instruction through an online learning platform and virtual classroom meetings. More information will be provided to families on this model if the need arises.


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