Our Commitment to

Social Change and Racial Justice

The death of George Floyd has again shed light on the persistent racial injustice dwelling in our society.  On June 3, 2020, Pope Francis shared, “My friends, we cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to racism and exclusion in any form and yet claim to defend the sacredness of every human life.” As a Catholic educational community, we have an obligation to our faith to uphold the Catholic virtues of dignity and kindness for each person, created in the very image of God.


It is the mission of Cedar Valley Catholic Schools to provide an exceptional Catholic education for every student, built on a foundation of faith, discipline, knowledge, and service.  How can we use these pillars to be like Jesus?  The answer is love.  Jesus himself is the embodiment of God’s unconditional love for all humankind.  As children of God, we are benefactors of His love; as Catholics we are not only called to share it with our neighbors - but also with those who are strangers to us. We put this calling into action through our commitment to the Catholic Social Teachings of our global Church.  God’s love is shared in many ways:

  • In respect for life and dignity of all people - from conception through natural death - and every day in between

  • In solidarity with one another, seeking greater communion in our diversity.

  • Through care of God’s creation as given by God for the good of all.

  • Through family, community and participation - not as bystanders but engaged citizens

  • In offering preferential treatment for the poor and vulnerable - by meeting the immediate needs of our community and by creating systemic change

  • By supporting each other’s rights as people and embracing our responsibilities to one another

  • In recognizing the God-given gifts we all share through the dignity of work and the rights of all workers


Cedar Valley Catholic Schools acknowledges that there may have been times that we have fallen short of this commitment.  We pledge to do whatever we can to live more fully these social teachings of the Catholic faith. There is no room for intolerance or inequity if we claim to love others as God intends.  Silence can no longer be an option.  We will continue to improve the way we educate our school community on issues of fundamental human rights and social justice including race and diversity.  We are committed to reviewing our current practices, working with community members, identifying possible solutions, and integrating new strategies to be a part of the solution. 

Cedar Valley Catholic Schools is committed to social change and correcting equity issues in our system: 


  • By enhancing and celebrating the diversity of our student body through purpose- driven student recruitment efforts.

  • By providing professional development for existing faculty and staff to support a greater acceptance and understanding of diversity and inclusion.

    • In 2019, based on feedback from our minority parents, all CVCS staff participated in OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts! Training provided by ISU Extension.  

  • By providing real world educational opportunities for students to understand human rights and civil rights while incorporating student voice and experience into the educational process. 

  • By conducting, since 2017,  an annual equity audit at Columbus Catholic High School and implementing action plans to correct situations that are inequitable in our educational programs.

  • By incorporating our commitment to social change into our long-term strategic planning efforts as a way to regular and continual evaluation of our progress in living the principles of social and racial justice. 


We recognize that Cedar Valley Catholic Schools is not alone in educating our students.  Family members, parishes, peers, and other community members have vital roles  in shaping the development of our students.  We encourage our families and the wider community to join in the conversation about racial injustices in our society.  Suggested resources can be found at: cvcatholic.org/social-change.


Please partner with us in committing to social change in our schools, community and world!  We invite interested community members to join with Cedar Valley Catholic Schools in this important work by contacting us at: communications@cvcatholic.org .


Together, let us pray to end racial injustice and for healing throughout our entire country.